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My name is Dave, I am in my mid-30’s and live in Ontario, Canada with my wife and work as an accountant at a “cushy” government job. I started this website after writing for over 5 years at Canadian Dream – Free at 45

My wife and I have chosen to be permanently childfree and therefore live without a lot of responsibility. This blog will focus on my journey towards Early Retirement, with my set goal being at the age of 45, a decade from the start of the posts here.

I hope you’ll enjoy following my story over the next few years as I work towards financial independence and gaining more free time to do things that interest me, outside of earning money.

You can e-mail me at – myexitplans (at) google.com

Or follow me on twitter – @My_Exit_Plans


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  1. Hi Dave,

    I’m wondering if there are any benefits in investing some money outside of my RRSP, when I still have RRSP room. When I invest in my RRSP, I get back between 20% and 30% in an income tax refund, which I immediately deposit into my RRSP account. That’s a pretty good immediate return on investment. If I take that same money and buy shares outside of my RRSP (that perhaps pays dividends), no refund. Any idea if and when it would be a good idea to invest outside of an RRSP if I still have contribution room?



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